Friday, November 2, 2007

We call upon women to embrace a balanced experience of their innate feminine identity using the womb as metaphor, in a way that is positive for each of us.

Welcome to Womenpush!
Share the knowledge and experience of women, especially through a view of femininity which includes the often undersold perspective of being “pushy”-- in its best sense.

The seed for our intention was planted by reading Genia Pauli Hadden. And to her we are most deeply indebted and grateful. Her book “Uniting Sex, Self and Spirit” 1993, Plus Publications, was a source of a new view of ourselves as women. Her excellent presentation of a view of gender modes based on our physical bodies has opened new worlds of understanding and experience for us. We highly recommend this book presenting a discussion of metaphorical meanings based on known body forms of male and female anatomy, physiology, and genetics; and yin/yang energies, archetypal and religious perspectives.

Women have wombs! (unless removed for medical reasons in which case we regard them as “virtual” wombs) Womb: a warm, dark, wet place which we as women experience in three major ways.
1)A womb that receives {HOLDING POWER} Receives a fertilized egg, then nurtures, protects and feeds the growing fetus. This act represents a view of feminine identity as receiving, including, nurturing, gentle, safe, containing. A beautiful metaphor for our unique intrinsic ability to include, care, sustain, heal.
2)A womb that pushes [PUSHING POWER] Pushing rooted in the context of a timely event. Expecting a baby to be the result, but not completely certain of the details of that child. An event as experienced by both mother and child as perhaps a matter of life and death—near death pain and exertion, loss of control to the pushing process and the unavoidable truth of seeing it through. This is a powerful view of one identity of ourselves as feminine—even if we have never given birth. We have available this inherent energy to birth, not only babies, but jobs, ideas, movements, nations, peace, and recipes!
3) A womb that bleeds [BLEEDING POWER] Our wombs either will, are, or have bled without being wounded--the monthly cycle of menses—sloughing of the uterine lining which is not needed for receiving during this particular cycle. Contrast this with the birthing womb which signifies timely bringing forth of new life. The bleeding womb represents disintegration, the throwing off of that which is no longer needed. In other words: transformation through death and loss to a new state of being.

The pushing womb helps us recognize our intrinsic power in these three major ways. We have available in our psyche a naturally occurring energy of push. When it is time for a new move or idea, we sit with the facts and organically “birth” a product which is just right and timely for the context. We may be called “pushy”. That is alright because this kind of pushy is natural, transformative, creative, empowering., and completely necessary in our world. We owe the women and men of the world this example.

On the other hand, it may be difficult to see the value of this self power. We may have experienced a cultural/familial imperative which denies the value of “push”. It is here where an entry place can be found through the metaphor of the womb that bleeds. If we can recognize that there are barriers to accepting our own feminine “pushy power”, we can use the bleeding womb metaphor to shed (or transform} those barriers. Click here for some of our personal experiences of this phenomenon and the relief and release that followed . (link to Lady Gadiva days and to Sally’s story, and maybe later to some “shadow work” thru dreams, journaling, art}

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