Friday, January 22, 2010

A Spirit House for Tiger

Cornmeal, turquoise beads and quartz will feed the tiger tonight.
Freshly painted, the house for Tiger is in the tree. It was no small thing, to follow through with a desire outside of what I normally do. I had to make it important so that all the other small details of my day didn't crowd it out.
The tiger will be fed tonight.

Gaela recently spent an afternoon with friends clearing away fencing that had bound an ancient tree for years. The fence had even grown into the bark leaving scars which they attended to with garlands of flowers and fruit. What a great way to spend an afternoon, in community with a tree.

In a new book, Living with Trees by Diana Wells, she talks about a ritual in Japan called forest bathing. I think I'll wait for summer as this bathing in the forest is done in the buff. It's reported to be very soothing. I'll let you know.

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